Why the follow up is so important

Here is probably one of the most overlooked things in any business, THE FOLLOW UP. After you have completed a transaction with somebody, how many times have you followed up to see how things are going? Did you send out some CDs to a new fan? Follow up a week later and ask how they like them. You just played a great show at a local venue, but did you follow up with the booking agent to say thanks for a great night?

This is something you should try to do all the time. This helps builds relationships. Ever wonder why that one band plays all the cool shows and you don’t? Relationships are probably the answer. If you don’t work on building relationships then start right now.

Knowing the right people is crucial to your success.

Once you have a few relationships then you need to nurture them. This is where the follow up comes in. I have the follow up to thank for some of my band’s best show offers. Once I followed up with a venue owner/booking agent just to see how he was doing. I did not ask him for anything nor was I fishing for any kind of gig offer. The fact that I followed up put my band back on his radar, and he offered us the opening slot for Cracker at his venue.

People forget quickly, so keep in touch to make sure you are fresh in their minds.

Don’t always be the jerk asking for something, however. People will get tired of you real fast if you are always pushing yourself down their throat. Be natural, and maybe offer them something from time to time.

This technique goes for your fans as well.

Fans want to get to know you more. That might sound creepy at first, but most times fans are normal people who just love what your band does. They will notice if you say thanks when they buy something. Fans will appreciate the letter asking if they got everything OK in the mail. They want to continue the conversation if possible. These fans will consider you more than just another band. At that point, they become your super fan. These are the fans that keep coming back to buy all of your CDs, T-shirts, stickers, etc.

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