5 amazing gift ideas for indie musicians on your list

As the holidays approach us, you might be on the lookout for the perfect gift for the indie musicians in your life. You can also use this list if you are looking to buy something fun for yourself. I picked five things that I think every indie musician would love to get as a gift for the holidays.

USB recording interface

This item is becoming more and more useful. Indie musicians are finding the need to produce music in their home studios more than ever. A proper USB interface is an important part of that home studio. Recently, there have been a few interfaces to come out that have really raised the bar as far as quality goes. You no longer need to spend thousands of dollars to get studio-quality gear. A couple of these units, like the Audient EVO 4, are less than $200.

Here are a few more choices to pick from: SSL SSL2, Behringer UMC202HD, Universal Audio Apollo Solo, Focusrite Scarlet 2i2

Sound treatment solutions

Here is something that most musicians might not even think about, but would make a great gift idea. It also is part of the home studio setup. The best part is that this gift might be appreciated by other people besides the musician. Why? Because this item helps keeps sound levels to a minimum. That indie musician on your list my have roommates, neighbors, kids, etc. that are not a fan of them practicing guitar at 2 AM.

The Producer’s Choice Sound Blanket by Vocal Booth To Go has been used in home studios for years in order to reduce sound levels to a friendly amount. This can be hung over a door or wrapped around speakers. Use your imagination. This company even sells a portable vocal booth that you can set up and tear down within minutes. You could set it up wherever you like and sing your head off without anybody hearing anything more than a peep.

You can also look at products from Auralex. Auralex makes foam panels to help make a room sound better during recording. They even sell room kits to make it easier for you. The nice part is that these can be an inexpensive solution that doesn’t need a lot of knowledge to install. I also like their speaker isolation pads, the MOPADs, for most home studio speakers.

gig bags

If you have noticed that the certain indie musician is carrying their favorite guitar, bass, or keyboard loose in the back seat of their car then this gift is perfect for them. A gig bag is a great choice if you don’t have any protection or case for an instrument. They are lightweight, less expensive, protect your gear, and usually are easy to pack. Some gig bags have more options than a traditional hard case.

I know some professional musicians that ONLY use gig bags. They can pack them in overhead bins and carry them through airports like a backpack. Find one that fits your musician’s needs and they will thank you for years to come. Don’t let that instrument get beat up in the back seat of that car any longer.

Two brands that I highly recommend for instruments are Gator Cases and MONO.

I also love Studio Slips for custom gig bags for my amps and speaker cabinets.

Good Headphones

Headphones are a great gift for any musician. They can be used in many ways. This can also be an essential addition to the home studio setup. A great pair of headphones is crucial for listening to recordings to make sure things sound good. Headphones are also just cool to have to listen to music. Plug them into a stereo, smartphone, or your computer and listen to your favorite music with a fuller sound than those cheap ear-buds. Musicians can tell the difference and they will appreciate the full spectrum sound of a good pair of headphones.

A few models to consider: Sennheiser HD280 (what I use), SONY MDR7506, Beyerdynamic DT-770

Cart for gear

Some musicians don’t have many worldly possessions, but odds are that they have lots of gear. Worst of all, this gear can be bulky and hard to transport. This is where my last gift idea is genius. I might even say that this is my favorite piece of gear that I own. The best part is you can use this item for non-music purposes as well. Carts come in different sizes and styles. Choose the one that best fits the needs of the musician in mind. Drummers, for instance, will probably need a bigger cart than most. These usually fold up small when not in use so they are easy to store away. I have used one for years and I don’t do any gigs without mine. I have also used mine to move furniture and to bring in groceries.

My favorite cart of all time: Rock N Roller cart R2RT

The biggest gift of all!

I hope this list helps you with your shopping this holiday season. Musicians can be hard to shop for as they can be very particular when it comes to their passion. I think these items are a pretty safe bet for most. Your gift will most likely support that musician and their love for music. That support is the biggest gift of all!

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