It’s all about your fans and not you

Have you wondered how some bands get such engaged fans? It is because their fans feel like part of that band’s world. That band did one thing that you might not be doing. They made their message about the fans and not the band. People follow and buy from people or brands they like. So let’s make sure your message is likable.

The fans should be your focus.

Don’t just throw things out explaining how cool you are and expect people to bow down to you. You wouldn’t want to talk to that kind of person at a party, so fans for sure won’t want to get these types of messages in email or social media either. Make the fan the hero of the story and they will connect with you.

That doesn’t mean you can’t tell your fans what you have been doing lately, or what cool things are happening. Just remember to include your fans in the process. Fans don’t want to be left out. Include them in your steps on your way to the cool things happening in your world. Bring them along for the ride.

You need to treat your fans like they are part of your “tribe” or exclusive group. Dr. Dino Signore tells us that “groups also have psychological benefits. The idea of belonging to a tribe, that “these are my people,” is an appealing concept. In fact, neuroscience research shows when people are accepted into a trusted group, their brains release oxytocin, a feel-good hormone.” Your fan wants to feel like they have been invited into your circle of friends. Like most humans, your fan wants to be included.

The easiest way to change your message to be more fans orientated is to address your fans like they are your best friends.

How do you talk to your best friend? You don’t call them up and tell them how great you and hang up, do you? Odds are, you tell them something about you, and they tell you something about them. You want to start a conversation with your fans. Your fans WILL notice! Make some of your social media posts questions asking things about your fans. Then make sure to listen to what they say. Use this information to your benefit even. I explain this in: Stop Selling To Everybody. Find Your Dream Fan Instead.

Remember that you fans are your support system.

That does not mean sell to them every chance you get. They will buy, but only if they like you. Send out emails and social posts that have NO sales pitch in them often. A good rule of thumb is sending out 3-4 emails with just fan connection material to every 1 email that might ask for a favor or sale. You don’t want to be that friend that is always asking for something and never returning the favor. You should make your fan feel like they are getting more out of the deal and they will respond more favorably when you actually ask them for something. Your fans are your life support so treat them like gold.

Changing your messaging to be more fan themed will change how your fans see you. It will make them see you as friends and not somebody that is not like them. It will in turn make them able to connect with you better. You will notice a new level of engagement. You will also notice that you have some really cool fans out there. This will lead to better connections for you as well. Both sides will have a more meaningful conversation and connect on a new level becasue of this. This is a win/win for everybody.

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