Video Enhanced The Radio Star

* Guest post was written by John Sammel of CJS Productions Inc. *

Why does your band need a high-grade demo video? Why can’t you wing it and put something together? After all, it is media. You’ve been playing for years, your music should speak for itself. 

You may think that you can get away without a quality video. The reality is that it’s a direct reflection of what you are offering. If a client who is showcasing a big festival wants a top-notch band than they will be looking at videos. Live performances captured is the modern day business card.

It is not only the entertainment industry that folks want to see film. There are 8 billion videos views per day on Facebook alone. It is easier to spread a message,  and it is also easier to get your potential fans to keep the information. The gap between watching and reading is huge, 95% will remember the core message oppose to 10% who read it. This number is staggering. All major companies are utilizing the power of video.

I recently took a free video marketing class through SCORE. I try and attend a class or two a month and they usually have about 15 to 20 in attendance. The class on Video Marketing yet had over 40 small business owners.

Let’s look at the 3 benefits you will receive.

  • your landing page gets more traction
  • your service is more appealing
  • it makes it easier for social shares

As a small business owner, I understand the importance of having a landing page. It is much more powerful than only having a social media page. It is yours. No one can control the content but you. Adding a video on the home page makes you 53 more times to show up first on Google. This is where potential fans and clients will be able to see and hear your creative voice. Videos increase the time spent on a website by 88%.

Your service is more appealing. The average viewer remembers 95% of a message when watched opposed to 10% when read. This means that content is more digestible. Thus making your rendition of classic cover tunes more sellable. Or you’re behind the story on your new album more appealing.

Video also makes it easier for social shares. As of 2018, 500 million hours of videos have been watched on Youtube per day. Think about the last time you shared a blog post opposed to a video? Hmm, maybe I will record this before I send it off to The Legit Musician.

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John Sammel


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