Why your New Year’s resolution is the ultimate scam

Every year, we humans make a promise to ourselves that this year will be the year we achieve our goals. Every year, we find out that we are probably lying to ourselves. In fact, we probably make that same promise to ourselves over and over. Statistics show us that 92% of us will fail to keep our resolution. Your New Year’s resolution is a SCAM! Stop fooling yourself, and let’s come up with a better plan for success.

One of the biggest things you can do to help achieve your goals is to write your goals down. Actually, write them on paper. There is something about physically writing things down that triggers your brain into action. You can make a list on your smartphone, but it doesn’t have the same effect. Here is an article on Life Hack describing the benefits to writing things down on paper: HOW WRITING THINGS DOWN CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE

Next, you’ll want to break down bigger goals into smaller tasks, or action items. Then schedule when each task should be completed. We’ll talk more about scheduling in a bit. Accomplishing one task is easier to do and you won’t feel overwhelmed by the bigger overall goal. This will also make sure you keep on your schedule. Here is a Forbes article describing just that: WHY THINKING SMALL IS THE SECRET TO BIG SUCCESS

Try to schedule action items on your calendar to keep you on task. This way you set aside time in advance in order to complete your tasks. If you are faced with a deadline then you are more prone to completing your goal. Don’t allow yourself to do it “when you have some extra time.” That phrase sounds familiar, right? We have all said it, and we all know that there is never extra time. John Sammel from CJS Productions’ Tip Jar blog told me that he schedules a few minutes each day to write. When that time comes, he sits down and writes for that allotted time. He might not know what to write, but he does it because it is on his schedule. In doing so, he has become a better writer. If he had waited for a better time to write, then he might not have even written a single word. I like to use my google calendar to schedule my tasks. That way I can see what is scheduled easily, and I can set reminders to go off so I don’t forget.

Keep your list of things you have already completed to show how far you have gotten. We need the motivation to keep us on task. Sometimes all you need is a visual to keep you moving forward. When you can see that you are making progress, you will have a greater desire to add items to your “done” pile. Sooner or later your to-do list will be smaller and smaller, and your done list will be bigger and bigger. Lifehack article – To-do lists don’t work, but done lists do

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fail to reach your goals. It is OK to fail. Heck, I even wrote a blog post about it. Just keep moving forward. Maybe your failure is your goal. Sometimes, you need to pivot when you realize your goals need to change. The pivot can lead you to better results. Don’t stick with your original goal if you know that it no longer fits with what you really want to accomplish. Don’t be afraid to redefine your goal in the middle of the process. Time is a non-renewable commodity, so don’t waste it. If you know your original goal no longer serves your purpose then ditch it.

Do you have ways to keep you motivated? Do you have tips for accomplishing your goals? Let me know in the comments below.

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One thought on “Why your New Year’s resolution is the ultimate scam

  1. Two things that have greatly helped me accomplish all of my New Years Resolutions, have been meditation and my gratitude journal. Both have played an amazing part in my self-development. The mediation has helped me stay focus while the gratitude journal keeps me searching for the positives throughout the day, discarding all the negatives. Thanks for including me in your blog, looking forward to collaborating with you on a project in 2018. Happy New Year!

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